Dear Microsoft, Please Stop Windows Update From Breaking Windows Update!

It’s been a fraught couple of weeks with not one, but TWO Windows Update SUS servers (one mentioned in an earlier post) running Windows 2003 and WSUS 3.0 SP2 and a Windows XP laptop being, well…..broken by Windows updates!

In an ideal world I’d have two installations of WSUS to play with but as things are, the client in this particular case doesn’t have the headroom for more VM’s for testing the effect of updates on update servers…The other WSUS box was my own at home so less mission critical, but just as annoying. Crazy thing is, both boxes took the Microsoft own-goal beating at the same time!

What appeared to happen was, an update to ASP.NET caused a problem with the account credentials needed for the service to start which was apparently (after a bit of Googling) easy to sort by a bit of DLL re-registration rather than changing account logon properties. Cool, ASP.NET started working, but once again, there was no joy connecting to the WSUS MMC console, despite deleting the .mmc file that housed the WSUS console.

So this time I thought, what if I just kick off native Windows Update on the box and see what downloads? After all, WSUS isn’t going to do it for me as I have the Catch 22 scenario of not being able to update the update box because the update installation is broken! So I launched the default Windows Update through IE and lo and behold, it downloaded a buch of new updates, after which, the WSUS installations on both machines started working again!

Both machines are running as VM’s and snapshots have been taken of last known working states!

As for the old XP laptop, this had a broken BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) installation seemingly from another update which I opted for Microsft’s own auto-fix tool to perform the fix. But no, it wasn’t fixed…

Having tried a number of manual registry based fixes there was still no joy so I opted for an in-place upgrade which fixed everything, taking it back to a point where it had to download a ton of updates but this time, newer versions which didn’t break the update service!

And they wonder why people are moving over to Macs?

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