Fixing WordPress Upload Limits

Getting Dirty With PHP!

Yes, it’s that horrible moment when you want to upload a Hi-Res image to WordPress for print download purposes and it knocks you back because of a file upload limit!

I got kicked by a max file size of 8Mb recently, but after a quick search on the WordPress support via Googling “increase maximum file size upload WordPress” it turned out that the only solution to do this on shared hosting is to edit the php.ini file.

This little baby sits in the root of your shared hosting folder and controls lots of PHP type variables that make a PHP based website do various things with certain behaviours. In this case I had to edit theĀ upload_max_filesize & the post_max_size values to the higher file size I required. A quick refresh of the media upload page in the back end of WordPress and all was well.

There are other methods suggested for doing this such as changing the htaccess file & function.php file in a WordPress installation folder, but these don’t seem to work on shared hosting.

Thankfully my hosts, Bluehost have a very good support knowledge-base which gave me the instant answer on how to edit my php.ini file for shared hosting so all well and good!

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