Google Shopping Feeds Change Goalposts – Again!

So there was my client, happily getting their products fed into Google’s shopping stream when suddenly, with just one cryptic warning email, they were suspended from view!

What had I done to stop Google from wanting to take money from my client? Well, it turns out, that they changed their shopping-feed goalposts again, this time adding the mandatory requirement of including a shipping price to the feed – another back-end headache adding a new Google attribute to 571 products!

Ok, fair enough, I perhaps should have added this from day one when it was still an optional attribute, but it would have been a lot more preferable if they’d made this mandatory, right from the start, in order for merchant product-feeds to meet their requirements.

I can only sit and wonder what and when their next product-feed mandatory attribute appears and how long it will take me to add to an ever increasing list of products…

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