Smartphone Setup

Changing Phones Made Simple!

Got a new phone?

Wondering how to transfer your contacts from your old phone?

Confused about setting up email on your new Smartphone?

Smartphone-Setup imageSetting up a new Smartphone can be a daunting task and phone contract sellers often don’t help matters, happy to take your money and send you on your way when the new SIM card is barely warm!

How many times do you hear the following type of exchange in your local phone emporium?

Customer:So how do I set up my email on this new phone?

Salesperson:It’s in the phone manual, it’s all very simple, but you will need to get your email login details from your service provider.

Customer:Is that Vodafone, because this new contract’s with Orange?

Salesperson:Errr…no – unless of course your email account is with Vodafone?

Customer:I don’t think it is; we’re with BT Broadband.

Salesperson:In that case you’ll have to get in touch with BT and ask them for your email account details.

Customer:Will I have to ask Vodafone about getting my old phone contacts to work with Orange?

And so it goes on…

How can Elstree IT Services help?

Whether you’re changing between Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry Smartphones, for a one-off set-up fee of £25, I will:

  • Transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new one
  • Set up email on your new phone
  • Show you how to back up your contacts on a regular basis to your PC

Of course, some phone sellers are pretty good with after-sales support, but for those occasions when the in-store help stops after the bucks are safely in the till, get in touch and let Elstree IT take the hassle out of setting up your new phone!