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Sell Your Stuff Online!

Selling online is easy! Yes, it really is!

There are two popular methods for bringing a business to online sales:

  1. Third-Party shopping channels (eBay, Amazon etc)
  2. Your own dedicated shopping website

If you want total control over the goods you sell and how you sell them, then you will want to invest in your own dedicated shopping website.

However, if you are only dealing in very small amounts of stock and don’t mind paying service commission, then a third-party shopping channel may be the best way to go (at least in the short term).

Beware The Fees!

Although using a third-party shopping channel may look like the easiest option, it is worth remembering that these services come at a price. If selling on eBay, be prepared to lose roughly 10% to selling feesmore if you are selling on Amazon!

Google Shopping Feeds

These will have you jumping through hoops and tearing your hair out – sorry; I can’t make it any less painful than it already is! But I can help you get your products into their complicated but powerful system…

You may have noticed the sponsored ads at the top of the page on every Google search you do. These aren’t Google Adwords placements, they are simply paid-for (Pay Per Click) feeds by online shops uploading their products to what used to be known as ‘Froogle’ and will appear when somebody searches for a relevant product. They are very effective in grabbing the potential customer’s attention as they display with a picture and a price.

However, fulfilling the Google requirements for uploading those products to their shopping database is an absolute nightmare, with goalposts often changing.

Do not despair! Having suffered the pain of Google’s ever changing whims, Elstree IT Services can:

  • Help you wade through the complicated and unhelpful mud that is the Google Merchant help centre
  • Put together a product feed for your products that will satisfy Google’s requirements at the time of upload (yes folks, read that as it could change without warning!)
  • Help you set a realistic Pay Per Click budget

Google Shopping Feeds should be a major consideration when you are planning your first online shopping website as not all e-commerce systems have the ability to offer Google product feed generation and even if they do, there is sure to be a lot of customisation needed to make your particular products satisfy Google’s stringent requirements.

With over 10 years experience in e-commerce, I can advise on selling online in the most cost-effective, simple and safest methods keeping within a modest budget. Of course, every business has its own individual quirks and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach won’t suit everyone. Therefore, please feel free to get in touch and discuss how Elstree IT Services can bring a bespoke solution to your online selling plan.