WSUS Hell!

Don’t you just love Windows Server Update Services, AKA WSUS?

Great when it’s working, hell to fix when it goes loopy.

I’ve just been wrestling with a VM Windows 2003 server running WSUS 2.0 that suddenly stopped delivering updates to clients and ran the SQL server service at 100% CPU cycles – for no apparent reason!

Whether it was a rogue windows update that broke it (oh the irony) or something else, I will never know. Having spent countless hours trawling Google with the WSUS error log messages, uninstalling all .NET services, replacing an older dll, starting from the bottom upwards, including installing the first version of WSUS and nearly throwing the towel in, I finally got a fix!

This came about by installing the correct software environment as specified by Microsoft, manually updating the software environment to the latest patches, then installing WSUS 2.0 – but with one caveat.

Instead of choosing the ‘recommended’ option of installing the website to the default parameters as defines by MS, I chose to create a dedicated WSUS website running on a different port number to the usual 80. This seemed to work a treat, having chosen to install to the default website in the past and having it bomb out at the final hurdle.

So that’s 1 nil to me, finally, after going into lots of extra time fighting against the Redmond giant.

Lesson learned, VM snapshot taken of this now working WSUS installation!

Anyone for Apple servers instead?


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